Leaders Profile

Anil D Awati


Visionary with financial acumen, Anil has rendered exceptional services for over three decades to MSEDCL as Deputy Manager for Pune Zone. An alumnus of University of Pune, his significant expertise lies in Financial Accounting & Management, Zonal Auditing, Taxation, and E-Tendering & Procurement. That’s not all, Anil has extensive experience in directing and managing initiatives and enterprises as he has worked as a Chairman for a credit co-operative consumer society of MSEDCL for over 30 Years and founded and worked as a Director for an employee’s credit co-operative society.

As a Director @ Glanzen, Anil provides stability, management experience, financial ingenuity and holistic vision to organically grow and nurture the organization.

Glanzen is more than a business enterprise and is rooted in the belief of social change for betterment of lives. A social change evangelist and Social Welfare Activist for Labor and Social welfare Anil has worked to bring about a change for the better in the lives of union workers working in various industrial and manufacturing units in and around Pune and the Director of Glanzen continues his efforts for labor welfare.

Pratiksha S Awati 


An alumnus of University of Pune, Glanzien Pratiksha is a technocrat with exceptional experience in Business Intelligence, statistical analysis and process mapping. As a BI Consultant with more than ten years’ experience, she has worked with some of the best in-class Statistical Institutes and corporates. At Glanzen, Pratiksha complements Anil’s administrative and financial acumen with a deep understanding of technology, business and process management. As the Director @ Glanzen, she shares the vision to structure and grow Glanzen to work at international level. She believes in giving back to the society by ushering in a change movement. Pratiskha is committed to APMC initiative of helping farmers sell their produce directly to the customers for greater benefit.

B R Khaire


CEO Mr. Khaire is a veteran in Natural Sciences and a retired member of Indian Forest Services (IFS) with more than 35 years of experience in forest, wild life, environment and allied fields at a Senior Level Capacity. At Glanzen Mr. Khaire’s unique style of leadership and capacity building experience helps align the management decisions to the vision and mission of the company. His insightful guidance and mentoring makes Glanzen a progressive and exciting company to work for while his vast knowledge and experience with environmental issues helps Glanzen design and deploy environment friendly products like energy saving solar panels and LED lighting solutions.

Mr. Khaire continues to advocate environmental issues at national and local level and is a Sr. Consultant for NGO which executes projects for wet land conservation.

Suresh Dhankawade


Suresh has over 22 years of experience in Engineering and Manufacturing industry and is an old hand at managing operations. Although he has worked extensively in industrial fabrication, plant maintenance, EPC projects, fluid handling, interior designing, and his core competency is roller bearing design and engineering. Over the years, Suresh has honed his operations management and client management skills and thus has a perfect understanding of the product and the services being offered to the customers. At Glanzen, Suresh shoulders the operations responsibility with panache all his own and he motivates the teams to deliver the very best to the customers. 

Shankar Sahane


Shankar is a number cruncher and with more than 30 years of experience in handling the finances of major manufacturing industries, he is very good at it.

Although his core domain is automotive sector he is exceptional in predicting market trends and impact of economic changes globally and nationally. Shankar is committed to effective use and optimizing of resources at all levels and excels at ensuring stringent implementation of policies across the organization. A natural leader Shankar motivates teams to share his vision of working towards zero wastage and high efficiency.

Besides this, Shankar also works with an NGO dedicated to development and growth of women from remote and backward areas.

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